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Flea & Tick Formula

Your pet is always there for you, by your side, a part of the family. So when they become a home for fleas and ticks, it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer. The constant itching, scratching and nibbling, all in an attempt to get a little relief. What’s worse, when they finally can sit and rest, they are jolted awake by these pests.

And while your pet suffers, you suffer as well. Not only do you have the chore of trying to rid your friend of the fleas and ticks, you have to be careful to not have them transfer to your household, your other pets or, worse yet, human members of the family.

It’s time for Xodus.

Xodus is a natural way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. A bio-mineral formulation. 100% organic and safe for consumption for pets (and humans, including children), Xodus enters the bloodstream and activates the internal immunity endophytes within your pet, making their skin a noxious environment to pests.

The result? An Xodus. The fleas and ticks, not longer finding the food source they once had, leave. They march off the pet and look for sustenance somewhere else. And your pet can frolic and play once again, without the annoyance of irritation any longer. Use it regularly, and your pet will no longer have fleas and ticks jumping on board.

Not only does Xodus send pests packing, it also benefits the pet, helping to alleviate rashes and other skin conditions.

Typically, pets pick up fleas and ticks from the outdoors, where other animals have left them behind in the grass. Now, with Xodus, your pet can enjoy the outdoors with you, free to roam and play, rolling in nature’s carpet without worry.

Natural, Non-Chemical  

Bio-Mineral Solution 

to Repel Fleas and Ticks 


Shake well. Part hair on nape of pet’s neck and apply directly onto the skin. Rub lightly in. 
For best results: apply 3x/day for 3 days, then 2x/day for 14 days, then 1x/day or as needed. 

Results may vary for pets with weakened immune systems.


          Under 8 lbs (4kgs) | 3 pumps
            9-19 lbs (4-9 kgs)4 pumps
      20-60 lbs (10-27 kgs) | 5 pumps
       Over 60 lbs (28 kgs)6 pumps


Filtered water, sea salt, proprietary bio-mineral formulation (zinc, magnesium, boron, silver)