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Biting Insect Formula

Freedom to Njoi nature is just a few pumps away.

Swish a little Njoi around in the mouth for 45 seconds, swallow, and within a few minutes biting insects will leave you alone for 4-6 hours. You can re-apply whenever you want, the formulation is completely safe.

It's a combination of bio-minerals that activate the body's immune system, creating a cloaking vapor that makes you invisible to biting insects. 

You can be confident using this product - it has received approval from Health Canada as safe to consume.

It seems like magic. Maybe it is. Even so, we know one thing for sure - it works!

Njoi !     

2 fl oz / 59 ml

Safety is important

This is an entirely new way of fighting off pests. Your safety is paramount, and that’s why we applied and received approval from Health Canada for the absolute assurance that this product is safe to ingest. Even multiple doses, when taken as directed, is not harmful in any way. You just won't get bitten.

Shake bottle well. Orally (yes, in the mouth) administer as per body weight below, swish in mouth for 45 seconds and swallow. Effects last 4-6 hours. Effects vary for those with weakened immune systems.

2 fl oz / 59 ml

Under 29 lbs (13 kgs) 1 pump
30-90 lbs (14-41 kgs) 2 pumps
91-170 lbs (42-77 kgs) 3 pumps
171-225 lbs (78-102 kgs) 4 pumps
Over 225 lbs (102 kgs) 5 pumps

Medicinal ingredients: Iodine. Helps in the function of the thyroid gland.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Filtered water, sea salt, zinc, potassium, boron, silicon, magnesium, silver.

$ 24.00 (CAD)

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