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Become a Nature Naturally "Independent Business Operator"

How does being an IBO pay?

Being a Nature Naturally IBO pays in four ways...

  • Retail Sales Commission*
    A commission of 30% is paid directly to the IBO on all personal purchases and direct retail sales.
  • Downline Sales Commissions*
    A total of 22% of all IBO-generated group volume sales can be earned. As you grow your organization, your commissions also grow! Each successive tier of business volume you create generates income to you. You get 5% from your first level downline, 3% for your second and third, 5% for your fourth, and 2% for the fifth, sixth, and seventh respectfully.
  • Rank Advancement Bonus*
    As your business grows so does your recognition and Nature Naturally will reward you financially for your rank advancements. When you advance in rank you will receive a one-time cash payout for each level you advance to. 
    Starting with $150 for Silver, $350 for Gold, $500 for Platinum, $1,000 for Ruby, $2,000 for Sapphire, and $5,000 for Diamond.
  • PV Bonus*
    A total of 7% of all IBO-generated group volume sales are paid into a bonus pool paid out in increasing value based on rank to IBOs ranked at Gold and above.
* All commission and bonus payments are contingent on remaining an active distributor in good standing, which requires a minimum purchase of $50 of approved Nature Naturally products per month. The easiest way to maintain this is to use our convenient, optional, Auto Ship Program. 

Being a Nature Naturally Retail Customer...

  • You will be provided your own login to gain access to your personal store where you can purchase our products at a discounted rate, allowing you to resell in your store at a mark-up of 35%. With no minimum purchase required you can sell what you want- when you want-how you want.